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The Rewards of Reflection

In just a few short weeks (really, I promise!) many of us will turn our out-of-office messages on and power off for some well-deserved rest before the start of a new year. What a new year it will be! The start of 2020 not only ushers in a new year, but a new decade full of possibility and hope.

The energy of new and fresh—a clean slate of sorts—is fertile ground for goal setting to start the year off on the right foot. Quotes and posts will abound on getting in the goal-setting spirit. Heck, I may even drink the tea and post something in January about it! But for now, I’m going to shine a light on reflection, an equally important and sometimes overlooked end-of-year activity that sets our new year up for success.

In a culture that moves at the speed of light and rewards being in constant action, hitting the ground running can seem extremely alluring. But in order to move forward creating the life you really want, it’s imperative to take stock of that which is coming to a close. Intentional contemplation provides the opportunity for greater clarity, intention, and focus. Reflection can offer time to reconnect to your why and to redefine your boundaries. Pausing gives us a chance to learn from our lessons and chart a new course.

To not have end-of-year reflection fall into the “one more thing” category, I encourage you to keep the activity as simple and cozy as possible. Find the space and time that allows you to honestly assess how this year unfolded for you. When you’ve listed what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve learned, tune into the energy that comes up for you. Using this energy as a guide, try an exercise that can provide further awareness of what you may want 2020 to entail.

The 2 L’s

 Light You Up – As stated earlier, (because it’s 1000% true), today’s culture is always on the go. We try to do all of the things all of the time. When you look at what you achieved this year, it is what really lights you up? Why? If so, high five! If not, what needs to shift in the new year so that your actions allow you to accomplish the goals you truly want to achieve? Lead with that light and let it unfold from there.

Leave Behind – We’re human, imperfect, and life happens. What is no longer serving you when you analyze your list? Where was your energy drained? Let go to make space for more of what you want in your career and life.

This holiday season I hope you to give yourself the gift of reflection. Your insights and energy have the power to have you setting intentional goals for your best year and decade yet!

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