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“Working with Kate was a life-changing experience. I discovered more about myself as I sought answers

to her probing questions. This led to greater confidence not only in my professional career but in my personal life as well. Kate provides a nonjudgmental space making it more comfortable to self-reflect

and openly discuss challenges. She is the best partner to have with you on your path to self-discovery.”

“Kate is a marvel at getting at the source of one’s roadblocks. She helped me to unlock the barriers that were keeping me from taking action.  I gained a sense of purpose, direction and confidence that was lacking in my new career launch. Working with Kate has been nothing short of transformative.”

“Kate is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, and highly pragmatic. Kate assessed and offered a view

of my situation quickly. She was extremely helpful in assisting me in the development of my purpose

and for thinking through how to manage my current situation while pursuing a new one. She saw the

best in me and helped me to build a plan for how to put my values and interests to work in a career.

I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period in my life and highly recommend

her services to anyone who is looking to transform their career.”

"What's so amazing about Kate's approach is that she takes an issue and turns it upside down so that

you can dig deeper and get to the root of what is really holding you back. The best part is that you

then can take small actions that help you overcome what initially seemed insurmountable."

“Kate is a phenomenal coach. She has helped me to find clarity in my own career path and been a

model for how I want to show up for my own clients. My work with her has helped me to recognize

how I've been holding myself back, as well as how to overcome those tendencies. I leave every session

with her feeling purposeful, encouraged, and back on track with moving forward with my career in the

way that's right for me." 

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