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This assessment helps you understand how your mindsets, perceptions, and beliefs are affecting your current way of being. It allows you to recognize how your filters are influencing the results you’re achieving and uncovers how you can shift your energy to become the person you were meant to be. You'll receive a personalized report and a 90-minute deep-dive coaching session to review results and determine the best next steps in your growth.



  • Increased self-awareness regarding the root issue of your professional development dilemma

  • Identify limiting beliefs keeping you spinning in indecision

  • Clarity on possibilities that align with what you really want in your leadership and life 

  • Confidence to take action that energizes and honors your best self

Holisitic Leadership Coaching 

You’ve gained self-awareness from the Energy Leadership Assessment and you're ready to take action on becoming your best self! Our 3-month coaching partnership takes you from craving growth to realizing it. 

  • Strategies to overcome personal and professional blind spots and release what’s currently blocking your path 

  • A clear vision of what it means to bring your best self to your work

  • Bite-sized action steps grounded in alignment and self-trust to take your work and leadership to the next level

  • Ongoing accountability and support for you to sustainably realize your professional goals

  Facilitation and Training 

I speak and facilitate engaging workshops to enhance your group or organization's

personal, leadership, and professional development.

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