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Keep Showing Up

Updated: Feb 1

If you’re in the Chicagoland area, you know that much of January has been GRAY. Oh yes, the caps are intentional. It’s been dark. It’s been heavy. It’s been A LOT.

Just like the gray skies, January has been about doing a lot of work where the results aren’t always visible. I’m planting seeds that will sprout in my business for long-term success. Many of those seeds are beginning to take root, but the results aren’t immediate.

Maybe you’re in a similar space when it comes to your next steps in your career and life uplevel. You’re in the gray and planting the seeds. This space isn’t the most comfortable, but it's also part of the process. Because part of the process is just to keep showing up.

Below are some ways to keep showing up, even when things are at their grayest. 

Patience: I'll admit, this isn't my strongest trait, and I'm guessing I'm not alone in this either. But when it comes to planting seeds and working through the gray? There's no way around it: we have to be patient. So why not enjoy the moment? Rather than forcing the issue, why not take some deep breaths and enjoy the flow of things as they naturally unfold? 

Belief: I keep showing up rooted in belief and an unshakeable trust that the seeds I’m planting will sprout. I believe in the work I do, and the transformative value coaching provides. If you’re considering a change in your career and life, your belief in your worth and value is monumental in propelling you forward during a period of professional and/or personal uncertainty. Your trust in your abilities can allow you to move forward in new and exciting ways. 

Grit: January has me digging deep to keep my mindset and behaviors aligned with where I want to go. Because sometimes even when you choose to keep showing up, it's not easy. And I’m here to support you when you’re really dialing up your passion and perseverance these winter months to realize your career and life goals. We’re showing up standing firm in our why and trudging through the gray.

Growth Mindset: I know we’ve heard it a gazillion times, but when things don’t turn out as we had planned, we have a choice of how we’re going to view the situation. Sometimes it’s all we’ve got at the moment. But looking through the lens of opportunity, there’s never a right or wrong—there’s only a chance to discover and grow. While the seeds you’ve been working so hard to plant may not be sprouting just yet, your mindset and willingness to stay open can offer new possibilities to move forward. Even though we can’t see it, your seeds are growing roots.

Reward & Celebration: It ain’t all about the outcome, especially when you’re running a marathon in your career and/or life. Similar to marathon training, you need water, high fives, and shout outs along the way. When a colleague recently asked me how I embraced reward and celebration in my work, it made me pause. I realized I wasn’t doing either on a consistent basis for myself. So as I move forward this year, I’m blocking off space to not only reflect but to reward (hello new pj's!) and celebrate successes along the journey. Mocktails for finishing this week’s monster to-do list, anyone? I’m gonna keep showing up and raise a glass along the way.

What I know for certain is that the sun will resurface one of these days (really, it will!). And with that sun, seeds will begin to sprout. Until then, link arms with me. Let’s keep showing up.

I guide women at mid-career crossroads to clarity for greater confidence, fulfillment, and purpose in their work and lives. Ready to start your journey? DM me to book your Discovery Call today. 

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