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Dear Coaching, I Love You

Dear Coaching,

The annual day to celebrate love is right around the corner and it got me thinking of the things that set my heart afire. People came to mind. Places popped up. And then I thought of you. I gotta tell ya, I love you. Like REALLY love you. Found my north star and ride or die kind of love you. It’s you and me coaching, and we’re going places.

To say that I’ve changed because of you is quite an understatement. You’ve transformed me. I’ve evolved in ways I never thought I could and will continue to do so from here on out. The possibilities are infinite! You’re not only my profession, Coaching; you’ve changed my life. When I think back on who I was before meeting you, I honestly don’t recognize that woman. She was driven by fear. She felt she needed to be perfect. She didn’t trust herself. You changed that for me.

While I could wax poetic for hours on end about what you’ve done for me, below are five big reasons why I freakin’ adore you.

You Gifted Me Self-discovery and Trust

Because of you, I know who I am. An easy sentence to type but, man oh man, did that take some work. And truth be told, it was work I hadn’t ever really done before. Up until meeting you, I had never really tuned in to hear my whispers. To be honest, they scared me. Staying safe and making “smart” decisions won every time. And it was even better when those decisions were externally validated.

You created the space to turn inward. You required it of me. You’ve never told me what to do. You showed me that I hold the answers inside of me and that sometimes you just need the right people and safe spaces to help you connect to them. Because of you, my inner wisdom and self-trust guide my life.

You Champion the ISH Out of Me

Every step. Every milestone. You’re always there on the sidelines. It isn’t only the big wins and big outcomes. You call out the baby steps. Coaching, you motivate me to keep on keepin’ on and remind me that it’s about more than the external results. You shout out new and healthier beliefs and new awareness. You celebrate the journey, not just the accomplishment.

You Don’t Let Me Stay Stuck

Because of you, I can feel my feels and voice my fears. And then I get to steppin’. You validate my concerns. You help me find ways to reframe them to empower me and then you have me moving forward. Coaching, you surely aren’t’ just about the pom-pom moments, either. You ask the tough questions and call me on the carpet. You remind me of my big visions and goals and challenge me to stay the course when it feels uncomfortable. (And boy, does it feel uncomfortable at times!)

You Have Me Taking Consistent Action

You’ve taught me game-changing words to live by like “progress over perfection,” and have me taking imperfect action regularly. Did I mention that I love you? For a recovering perfectionist, these new ways of moving forward have blown. my. mind. Because of you, I’ve learned how to get out of my head and get into action with consistency, and to keep doing so when I’d rather have it all figured out first. Because of you, I’ve learned to take action regardless of the perceived obstacle, roadblock, or snafu.

You’ve Given Me a New Outlook on Life

Can someone pass me a tissue? You make me teary-eyed, Coaching. Because since meeting you, I see life and the world differently. Where there were once dead ends there’s now possibility. With you, there’s no failure, only celebration and growth. It’s all data and I’m always at choice. You’ve taught me that it isn’t only about actions, but that how I think and feel about it all also matters. You’ve even introduced me to concepts like joy, ease, and flow in career and life.

Be still my beating heart, Coaching, you truly are a showstopper. I love you so much I want everyone to know you. I want everyone to become their most true and kick-ass versions of themselves because of you. I’m in it for the long haul, Coaching. Will you be mine?

Forever yours,


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