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Becoming Your Best You

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Last week I shared my husband’s post on what it’s like to really be a writer. The good:  moments when you can’t type fast enough. The bad: times you read what you just typed, and it doesn’t seem to make sense. The ugly: when you scrap it all out of frustration and are left back at square one. And through it all, the love for the craft keeps you coming back for more. 

This fall I began to put pen to paper. Until this point, I’ve written from an intuitive and inspired place. I’ve let the topics flow to me and typed from there. Until this week that is. 

This time I haven’t gotten the messaging. I’ve sat in silence and asked for guidance. I’ve stepped away to come back refreshed. I’ve folded laundry and gotten out into nature. All of this, and still…crickets. 

Today, I’m letting it unfold as I type because even more important than the inspiration, I’ve committed to creating content on a regular basis. I type today because I’m clear on this: being committed and consistent are two pieces of who I want to be as I move into this new decade. 

I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating who I want to be this upcoming year. It’s easy to lose sight of who you are and what you are being when you’re adrift in a sea of action steps and purpose-finding. There are oodles of resources out there about finding and knowing your purpose, and I’m all aboard that train! But understanding who you need to be to get where you want to go can be the missing link between aspiring toward and actually manifesting your goals.

Like you, I’m calling big things into my life this next year. To make these visions a reality, I’m committing to showing up in new and bigger ways. I’ve embraced the words consistent and committed, but I’m also adding words like present, joyful, focused, and connected as my guides as I move into this next decade.  

To gain more clarity on your “who,” I invite you to try a quick exercise. Ready? Visualize all you’ve accomplished at the end of next year. Got it? Now ask yourself, what beliefs, thoughts, and emotions did you embody to successfully accomplish all of it? Now, ask yourself, who are you being now, and where do you need to grow to manifest what you visualized? Identifying and developing the mindsets that support your big actions is the key to success. 

If you’re feeling anything like I am, 2020 is going to be quite the exceptional year. This celebratory season, I raise a glass to who you’ll become to create the work and life you love!

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